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Career and life changes are around the corner...

2024 started on a ride, and I was eager to live by my intentions for this year:

Exploration - Playfulness - Relaxation

A woman surfing on an artificial wave with inspiring words
Starting January 1st on a wave, with the following 3 intentions for 2024

I was resolute not to let another year pass and become complacent with my pursuit of professional exploration and personal growth.

It’s no secret to you that I’m passionate about animal welfare, global health & the environment - it’s the whole basis on which One Health lay. Having now completed my postgrad diploma after 4 years of part-time studying with the University of Edinburgh, from which I will graduate in November 2024🥳 I’m eager to grow in that space and put that into practice.

I came to realize slowly but surely that my current work environment (the pharma industry) is too narrow & constricted for making the impact which I envision.

I may be an idealist, yet I truly believe that great things come out of collaboration with different stakeholders, seeing the perspective from a different angle. Having worked in corporate for over 16 years, I got exposed to the private sector angle. Now is the time to explore other sectors, whether NGOs, public sector or academia, I hope to be able to work with all of them, with first and foremost the aim to contribute to a better, fairer, more sustainable world. One where it’s not all about profits and economic growth...

So I took the plunge: after a careful financial analysis & planning, assessing my risks and opportunities, letting go of my fears and limiting beliefs, I took a leap of faith in myself and resigned from my corporate job in March 2024, and recently finished at the end of June after serving my notice period.

a painted mural displaying the words "Enjoy your Life"
Let's remember to enjoy life every day!!

It wasn’t an easy decision. We -humans- are creatures of habits & comfort; I am not different. At the same time, coming to the realization our time on this planet is limited (read more on the 80’000 hours website if you’re interested about this topic), I don’t want to live with regrets. I want to give a proper try and explore new avenues, where my passion and my professional life intersect more and more (this blog article on "Follow your passion" inspired me).

Hence I became a freelance consultant (under the umbrella of Julie’s - my sister - consultancy company: JULS). My goal is to work on a project basis for NGOs in the global health, animal, human and environmental areas. I am focusing my services on advocacy, events & scientific communications. It's just the beginning so I will need to find my own "clients" and sell my services. This is something I'm not familiar with at all - so I am open to any advice you may have! If you know someone whom I should be in touch with, please kindly introduce them to me.

And because one change never comes alone, I started volunteering a few months ago with a local cat rescue charity: LUNI Singapore. They focus on 4 pillars, which I am fully supportive of:

  • Rescue, foster and rehome abandoned cats and kittens

  • Provide medical care to injured/sick street cats

  • Support TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program when unsterilized cats are found on the streets

  • Feed street cats responsibly

2 women posing for a selfie in front of a banner showing a kitten
My friend Ayse and me, volunteering at the LUNI booth of an event in May 2024.

I joined them as Head of event volunteers operations. It's been quite a steep learning curve so far: managing 20+ volunteers and recruiting new ones, coordinating events where we are present to fundraise and ensuring we have enough merchandise, among others. All of that during my "free time" given I don't have any work project/contract so far. I am lucky to have a "partner in crime" with whom I'm sharing these responsibilities, and that makes the journey easier and more sustainable. For now, we run 1 event per month and fundraise each time around 500-600 SGD but we aim for higher so we can help more cats on the streets of Singapore! If you'd like to contribute to this cause, you can donate via their Give Asia secure page.

So we're already half way through 2024 - I am certainly living by my intention of "exploration" and implemented some career and life changes toward that direction. Not quite sure about "playfulness" and "relaxation", but I am definitely going to keep working on these!

a woman lying down in a hammock, with turquoise waters and palm fringed background
Relaxing in a hammock, on a tiny island of Sulawesi, Indonesia

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